Thursday, 20 January 2011

Zentangle Auction Item Drawn & some of my Zentangles

 Well ... a little late but here nevertheless ... I have finished the drawing (A4 size) which is for the QLD Relief Auction...the winning bidder will have their choice of letter drawn into the centre and whether or not they want some colour or gold highlights in the middle border - I am happy with this one and I have used some of my favourite Zentangle patterns.

 I have been playing with shades of gray.  I really love the way it enhances a Zentangle picture - what do you think?
 And my oh my I have loved drawing this one.  I have used black and two shades of gray ... this is my current favourite drawing.

Yesterday sitting in the doctors office waiting, waiting, waiting and then needles - oh yucky - but I was very calm and collected when I went in, the Zentangle drawing definately helps (other than everyone in the waiting room looking to see what I am doing - I'm sure they all wished they had a pen and paper - lol!)

And finally .....

 Don't forget the QLD Premiers Flood Appeal ... and all the auctions that are taking place through Toni of Make It Perfect

This is my Quilt Auction
 This is my Jane Monk Studio Zentangle Drawing - Auction 2
The winning bidder gets to choose the letter I draw in the centre.
This is my Jane Monk Studio Zentangle Kit - Auction 1
A full official Zentangle Kit including DVD

Thank you everyone for your support of this greatly needed appeal....Happy Tangling... and bidding .... Jane x


  1. Love the grey additions. Makes it look like something is hiding in the background.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! I wish I lived in Australia as I'd be bidding for your quilt! Your tangle picture is exquisite, too! I hope the auction is successful as it's for such a great purpose, but the people who will get to live with the fruits of your artistic labour will be the real winners after this!

  3. Great Zentangles above, Jane.....I am practicing...when you do a solid area what size pen are you using?

  4. There are some wonderful tangles in that letter background! I'll have to try some of them soon. The gray tangles are a terrific idea. I happen to have a gray acid-free pen so...I'll have to try that soon too!
    Congratulation to all who participated in the auction. You've contributed a lot.

  5. love the tangles and the addition of the gray is an inspiration, I have been doing tangles with my Grandson and he is loving them, and it is teaching him to manage a pen better, he is only 8.

  6. Jane - the one you said is your "current favourite" - mine too! LOL
    ... it sort of has a weird zany personality to it ... kind of like snails and squirmy tentacles crossed with "beetlejuice" (the movie) ... or something ...
    (yes - I AM weird ;-)

  7. Jane - love the gray addition, it adds to the metaphor of life... not everything is black & white.

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  9. Hello Jane, beautiful work, I have really enjoyed touring your site. Have a beautiful day.