Sunday, 30 January 2011

Zentangle With Colour

I love Black & White but I love colour too!
I also have a few different types of coloured pencils as I used to do a lot of drawing in this medium....

Today I have used Derwent Metallic pencils ... a nice sheen.   I did two Zentangle Tiles - one I coloured.

What do you think?   Have you tried to add some colour?

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x
And thank you to everyone who comments on my blog ...I appreciate the time you take to "talk" to me after looking at my art. Smile:)


  1. Oh I love these. Those wonky borders are so fun!

  2. Jane, these are both beautiful and inspiring; how helpful to be able to compare "with" and "without" color using related but not identical tile compositions. I agree with Terri about the wonky borders! So fun! And I appreciate her skillful use of one of my favorite words--wonky!

  3. I agree that the wonky border is a) wonderfully wonky and b) well described by the word wonky! *G* I like both tiles. I've used colour in some of my work but have only posted two examples of it so far... one monochrome in henna-colours and the other using coloured Pigma Micron pens, so the colour is very intense. I'll try to remember to post one coloured in pencil for you to see. Cheers!

  4. You're right about intensity. The colored pencils keep things subtle and interesting. I'm eager to try it!

  5. i'm a 48 year 8 year old! i am addicted to coloring!! to me my zentangles are just coloring book pages i haven't finished if i don't color them!! i love the simplicity of the traditional black and white but ah, with color...bellissimo. i use all sorts of things to color, crayola, markers, color pencil, water's all great. at the moment my tombow markers and let's not forget the great inexpensive alternitive crayola waterbased kids markers, have stolen my heart. they blend very well on all kinds of paper. i'm sure soon i shall move on. i would love to see some of the other things that you have colored. like you, i too also like to use little touches here and there with just gold or silver. love your talent and tangles, i login each day to see what beautiful thing you have made. lacey

  6. yes I do like the coloured pencil effects a lot Jane.