Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy Australia Day & Tangles

 The auctions from Toni (of Make it Perfect) have finished.  My three raffles raised a total of $865.  Thank you to everyone for their generosity in the face of the terrible flooding that has affected Australians, especially those in Queensland.
All bidding monies is paid directly to the Premiers Queensland Flood Aid Appeal fund ... none of the money is sent to those putting up the auctions.

The bidding on my Zentangle inspired Alphabet Letter was quite intense.  When it was finished I offered the second highest bidder the option of her paying her bid price and my doing a second letter for her.  She accepted, thank you Chris ...  here is your beautiful "C" .... the shading is still to be done and highlights added.   The photo is not the best ... but taken tonight at 2am with not much light ... It looks way better in person as you will see soon.

I spent a quiet day today and tonight drawing this (Tuesdays are always quiet days for me as I need to be home).  Zentangling is always the perfect distraction for me as I can focus on something positive.

 On Saturday I held a Zentangle for Quilters class over at Cranberry Crafts in Ulverstone - a small class of five, it was a lot of fun.  One of the students really only wanted to see how I do the quilting side of it, didn't really want to draw.  By the time we got to the sewing, she really didn't want to stop drawing ... it was great, all students did a wonderful job of their first and second Zentangles ... check them out... beautiful!
 The second set.   It still amazes me that a class can have exactly the same instruction and come up with something so unique and individual as themselves.

Here they are all together.

 I just had to share this with you ... poor Merlin has grown ( the boys are now over two years old) he doesn't really fit in here to sleep anymore ... but he won't give it up.
So cute!

Happy Australia Day to everyone ....  it is a day to Celebrate being Australian and what that means to each individual.   Hmmm fishing sounds good!

Happy Tangling everyone .... Jane x


  1. Great work on the Flood Appeal auctions, Jane! :-)

  2. Love the tangles - kitty is too cute!

  3. Congratulations to you and all your fellow artists on the great fundraising efforts. This whole idea was Just Awesome!

  4. wonderful result Jane...beautiful tangles as per usual...

  5. I'm not at all surprised your raffles went so successfully; you're a really good artist! Congratulations (and your scrunched-up kitty looks too cute to believe!).