Saturday, 27 November 2010

Zentangle for Quilters Workshop

If you want to learn how to do this .... I am having a workshop at Esmes on the 4 December (YES that is only one week away)  .... you will need to contact Lillian at Esmes(click on the link to get to her store) to make a booking (and I am not sure how many - if any - spaces are left ... give her a call.

I will also be doing this workshop "Zentangle for Quilters" at Cranberry Crafts in January 2011  and Michelle's Sewing Basket in April 2011.

If you are not a sewer, contact me to make a booking for a straight Zentangle class ... you only need five people and I can come to you in Tasmania.   Remember there are only THREE Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT's) in the whole of Australia, and I am the only CZT in Tasmania ... book a class today, you won't regret it!

Jet wants to come too, he loves Zentangle ... can you tell?   Now how can I make a kitty Zentangle pattern ... hmmm perhaps the nose

Okay happy Tangling for now ... and have a good weekend....Jane x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

New Pattern - Trimonds

Here is a new pattern ... you can see that shading makes all the difference ... you can shade those little segments in any way and you will get a different look - very 3Dimensional. 

I have called this pattern "Trimonds"  because it is diamonds made into triangles.

I hope you all like it.

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Two New Patterns from Jane Monk Studio - TadPegs & Slates

I have drawn up some new patterns.

I saw a photograph of some Japanese Roof Tiles and loved how they nested together.  So I bring you "Slates"

I have been using this little pattern for awhile now ... I really love how it looks.  It reminds me of frogs eggs ... so tadpoles, hence the name "TadPegs"

I hope you enjoy these two patterns ... I couldn't keep them to myself any longer ... too exciting to share things!

Enjoy .... Jane x

New Tangle? Japanese Roof Tile and Header Drawings

 I've been trying to come up with a header for my Zentangle blog etc ... this one is too busy and I wasn't happy with all the components ... still nice, but not quite right!
 Some Zentangles done in my notebook awhile ago
Some more Zentangles ... I love the one on the right ... I call it Japanese roof pattern as I saw a photo of a Japanese roof and it looked sort of like rounded tiles ... don't know if this has been made into a Zentangle pattern yet ... maybe I should "publish" it.

My hand is getting better ... still gets sore when I use it for any amount of time, so lots of contemplation going on - lol!   I have to get back to the quilting machine today.

Happy Zentangling everyone ... Jane x

Thursday, 11 November 2010

City Divas

I though you might like to see my drawing "City Divas"  ... can you see which ones are the "Divas"?.   I haven't got to the shading on this one yet. 

I have sprained my wrist and drawing and quilting is slow, actually stopped at the moment until my wrist heals .. hopefully not too long.

Enjoy and keep on Tangling ... Jane x

Monday, 8 November 2010

I have to Explain

I have to "fess up" and explain a little bit about my drawings.   Yes, I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and yes, I do teach Zentangles in the method taught by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas ... but .... I have always drawn using ink and pencil as my medium.   I have years of experience as a self-taught pencil artist (both colour and graphite).   I did once take a few classes with a wonderful artist called Greg Waddle of Tasmania - Greg said to me that I didn't need his instruction but should continue on doing what I was doing because I had a great style  -  it has taken me years to accept what he said to me all those years ago.

These two drawings that I have shown in the previous posts are my "take" on drawing in my style but using Zentangle inspired patterns.   I would do a portrait in the same technique that I have used here, so while I am using Zentangle inspired patterns, it is my style of drawing.   Although I must also state that Maria's wonderful art has also given me great inspiration to take this further.

Thank you to everyone who left me comments and those who emailed me privately - I am working towards getting enough drawings together so I can have an exhibition next year.   If you have any ideas for exhibition sites I'd love to hear from you.

Jane x

Work in Progress

This is my next work in progress ... once I start something I really enjoy doing I find it very hard to put down.  Luckily yesterday was Sunday and I could spend my time drawing. 

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I am.   You can see that it is based on two Zentangle patterns, and while I have changed them a bit ... they are still recognisable.    This one is also A3 size.

Happy Tangling ... Jane x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A3 Zentangle Study

A3sized Tangle Study finished. 

This was great to do ... I needed to immerse myself in my art for awhile.

Now onto the next one!

Also ... make sure you check out my Zentangle class schedule at the top of this blog and if you are interested in a class or group booking - drop me a line. 

Cheers ... Jane

I have finished the Big Tangle

It is finished ... and I worked out how to use my scanner ... but now the resolution is too high and won't upload - oh bother ... back to the old drawing board with taking pics

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Not Mowing the Lawn

 Today I went for a ride and I thought I would share a picture of my ride with you all ... I haven't been on my motorbike since March this year.  It really made me realise how much I love riding my motorbike.  The funny thing is that I was thinking how I could tangle it ... oh my ... that would get me in trouble - lol!

You can see how long our lawn is getting and we should have been out mowing the lawn ... but it will wait another day, right?

 I wore my official Zentangle T-shirt ... thought about putting a stick on tattoo on (we were going on the Motorcycle Riders Association Awareness Ride today - a turn out of about 400 riders)
And last night I did a little bit more of my drawing ... had my mother and brother over for dinner (yummy Moroccan Lemon Chicken in the tagine - I could eat this all the time - it was nicer last night - I think the lemons were more lemony - does that make sense)

Have a great tangling weekend everyone ... Jane x

Friday, 5 November 2010

Shading the Big Tangle 2

I have done a fair bit of the shading ... a heap more to go yet to have it to where I am happy with the finished drawing.

Click on the picture to see the enlarged view.

I am itching to get back to this as I haven't touched it for nearly two days now .... I need to slow time down but tonight is Friday night and I can sit and draw for the whole evening - now that is bliss.

Happy Tangling ... Jane x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shading the Big Tangle

 This has been a whole lot of fun ... now I am up to the Shading and tweaking part of the drawing.

To my eye it looks balanced and pleasing (remember everyone has different ideas about what looks good - so what I like may not be what you like)

I am not technical with the shading ... I just do what I think looks good.  I know there are rules and all, but I will not be following any text book shading rules here ... just what I like!

I have started a little and will post another picture when I am partially complete.
Here is a picture before I finished all the inking.

Enjoy ... Jane x

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Progression of the Big Tangle

 And  a little bit more .... why do I wake up in the middle of the night and feel compelled to draw?

So ... here I have drawn a few more of my solid lines.
 Marked in some ideas in pencil for fillers
some of those pencil filler ideas have been erased (sorry Rick and Maria - using an eraser in this one!)  Note: you don't need an eraser to draw Zentangle inspired drawings - there is no eraser in life!

Okay ... you can see how I am trying to get the spherical shapes in the background without them being "drawn" in ... I am using light and dark patterns to give an effect ... also to bring those sweeping lines in - like an illusion.   That's the idea anyway ... hope it is working.

You can see how I have used Rick's Paradox tangle in the spiderweb down in the left hand corner - I really like that!

So ... tell me what you think .. I'd love to know!

Cheers for now ... Jane x