Saturday, 6 May 2017

1 Year of Stitches

 I embarked on some stitching late last year actually and decided to casually do the One Year of Stitches challenge, but on my own terms. 
You can see more about the challenge at this link :

This piece which I call "Into the Blue" was my starting point in January/February this year.

It is my own design that just sort of grew.

It is a wonderful thing to do ... just building up designs stitch by stitch.  I have started another two larger pieces that I have permanently in my standing and lap hoops so I can pick them up whenever I feel like it.  And then there is the Blue Indigo Book project that I am working on as well, I'll show that to you later when I am a bit further on with it.  Threads are everywhere.

Is anyone else doing this challenge?