Monday, 23 July 2012

Crochet /Quilted Journal Cover

 This is an A5 sized Journal cover that I have sewn, quilted and added handmade crochet flowers (made by me), together with beading.   A field of flowers.

I never bead the back as it needs to sit nice and flat so you can work in your journal. 

you can buy my Journal Cover patterns from my website as an instant PDF download.   Click here to go to page.   Journal Cover Pattern.

Happy Quilting for now...Jane

Friday, 20 July 2012

A New Scanner & an Update

Hi everyone ... it has been a bit quiet in my household as far as Zentangle and Quilting go.  I have had a computer hard drive failure, scanner failure and have had the horrible flu.   But ... things are going again.  I am well, after a few horrible weeks with the flu.   I have a new computer and will have a super duper scanner in the next week - one that I hope will take as good an image of my drawings as it says it will ... fingers crossed.    So a big project that I have had on the backburner in regard to Zentangle, will be able to progress - so look out in August for that exciting moment.

I am also back doing customer quilting and have had a small influx of quilts which has been lovely.  More are welcome, as this is how I make my living and if I can help you to complete your quilt, that makes it all the better!

I have also had some wonderful emails and phone calls from people who have watched my Zentangle Inspired Quilting DVD ... and some entertaining stories of how they managed to finish projects.  The current Quilters Companion shows how a lady has made my Zentangle tile drawing into an embroidered insert for her #6.   It is wonderful to see, and lovely to hear from so many people who enjoyed this DVD.  I thank Quilters Companion for asking me to do the DVD and making it so easy to share my style of Zentangle with Quilters everywhere.   I have some DVD's left in my shop ...  

Okay ... I hope to have some lovely drawings to show you once I get my scanner sorted out happy tangling and quilting until I see you again next week :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Circles Quilt

My Circles Quilts are in the current issue of Quilters Companion.  (issue #56)

I was very happy to buy a copy and see that my quilt was also on the front cover of this magazine.  Doing a little happy dance:)

This quilt is easy to make using just one layer cake and some border fabric ... no wastage.

I did it in two colourways so you can see how great it looks in different colours.  Any Layer Cake should work well as the fabrics are all co-ordinated.

Happy Quilting today :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Running behind

HI everyone ... sorry for no posts for awhile.   I now have a new computer but I have lost about two years worth of photographs ... including all my Zentangle drawing and quilts.   Although I have a suspicion that they might all be on my iPod so have to investigate how to get what is on there back onto a hard drive.   I thought I had done back ups, in fact, I had done back ups....unfortunately the backup was not complete.  It pays to check everything.   Even lost all the work I had done for my tax return this year .... so I have to do that all again - yuck!  Once is bad enough, twice is terrible.

I will be back to normal postings next week I hope.  I have had a couple of weeks sick with the flu and absolutely nothing got done other than a bit of spinning because I could sit and do this without thinking too much.     (I am also taking part in Ravelry's Tour de Fleece again this is held in support of those wonderful cyclists who take part in the Tour de France).  If you want to catch up with me on Ravelry, my name is Tassiescrumbler.

Customer quilting is happening this week again, with business back up ad running, so if you need to book in a quilt, give me a call. 

Happy creating until next week xx