Wednesday, 14 October 2015

It is here, it's here! ... I have my copy to hold!

This is my second colouring in book "Tangled Gardens".  I have received an advance copy and   I have to tell you ... I love it.

It is available for pre-order through online book stores and is set for release date 15 November 2015.    Do yourself a favour (and me) buy this book and give copies to your friends .. makes the most perfect gift to give someone for Christmas :)

Once again ... this book is printed on nice weight paper, illustrations printed on one side of the page only and each page of illustrations is perforated for easy removal.   There are fish, owls, trees, flowers, birds, leaves, trees. cats, butterflies, stars, pumpkins and abstract illustrations, even a chess piece horse ... see, something for everyone ... I hope you enjoy it.  

Happy colouring ... Jane x

Monday, 5 October 2015

The Art of the Slow Stitch

 I love hand stitching. I love hand stitching with cotton, silk, handspun yarn (I spin wool as a hobby).  I wanted a little hand stitched pouch to carry my small hand stitch blocks with me.    I made this little double sided pouch.   My husband made me the little button to go with it. It has a slight camber to it and I love the feel of wooden buttons, even more when hand made by my husband.

I call this stitching "The Art of the Slow Stitch".  It is art.  It is slow. It is one of the most relaxing and thought provoking past times I can do with my two hands.   It is tactile and I can use naturally sourced fibers, hand made fabric.  The fabric is from  The fabric is beautiful, hand made cotton.  Gorgeous to stitch through, sturdy enough for a pouch and should last me many many years to come. 

I love the rippled effect that my stitching has created on the back. See the image at the bottom right.  Ah there is so much to learn about hand stitching and the best way I know how to learn is to do it. Have a go at it yourself.

Happy creating until next time ... Jane