Thursday, 24 June 2010

For Patty

I haven't been doing much in the way of anything for the past few days - still trying to get over this horrible flu.   But I did draw this little tangle for Patty.  I hope she likes it.

I am working on a nice big A3 sized tangle at the moment and sit with it for a little while during the days.  I have also enjoyed the inspiration from the Zentangle blog site as they have been showing all manner of exciting and interesting bits to tangle.

Happy Tangling for now .... Jane x

Monday, 21 June 2010

Giveaway Draw Winners

I thought I would do the giveaway draw a little early today - I still have the yucky bug flu and can't talk because i have no voice left and probably need to go to bed early tonight.   A big big thankyou to everyone who entered my giveaway - it was wonderful to read your lovely comments - visit your blogs and look at all the wonderful stuff you get up to.

So without further ado .... Hear the Drrruuummmm Rooollll .... The winner is


Congratulations Delia - thank you for your lovely post about my giveaway - you get the zentangle mug. I hope you like it too!

And because I had so many lovely comments on my giveaway Zentangle, I decided to do a second draw for one of my little 3.5 x 3.5 tangles .... and the winner is ..... Patty

I will be in touch to get your snail mail addys so I can put your wins in the post and get them off to you quick.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ... yesterday was my b'day and I was lazy all day. 

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Birthday Month Giveaway

As promised I am having a giveaway for my birthday month - yay for all Gemini's around the world!

I have this lovely brand new (never been used) thermos mug to giveaway - you can insert any picture you want into the cup ... I have zentangled this one - but you can add whatever you want if you don't want to keep the zentangle in it.

The rules - yes always some rules:  Okay changing the rules because I know some people don't have blogs....

1. For one chance to win -  Leave me a comment and make sure you have an email or contact - I cannot respond to No Reply comments.
2. For two chances to win -  Post a message on your blog with a link back to here.

And that's it ... I will be drawing this lovely giveaway on Monday 21 June 2010 at 8pm my time in Tasmania.   So it is a quick giveaway.

PS - thank you all for the very lovely comments and birthday wishes.  Hugs xx
This is the panel that I have inserted into the mug- I hope you like it.

Happy Tangling for now .... Jane x
Who is trying to fight the horrible flu - I don't like sharing bugs with people but what can you do!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Some of My New Tangle Patterns

Hi - I thought I would share with you a few more of my tangles as I will be out of Tangle action for a week or so ... got to get moving with some quilting this week and next week.

This one is called "C-Snake"  I really love it.

This one is called "Floom" - I like how I can draw other flowers and stems behind the open part of the petals - lots of applications for this one.

And this one is called "Whing" - although it does look a bit like long grasses.

I'm sorry about the quality of my pics - still got to work out how to use my scanner.  If you click on the pictures you will go to another larger view of it which will help see it better.

Have fun while I am slaving away working doing some longarm machine quilting.

Happy Tangles for now ... Jane x

Friday, 4 June 2010

"Zipit" Tangle Pattern

I'd like to introduce you to my new pattern "Zipit" ... Jo in NZ inspired me to refine my pattern - so you can all share.

Hope you like it.

Happy Tangles ... Jane x

Thursday, 3 June 2010

June - My Happy Birthday Month - Yay!

It's June - Winter is here in the antipodes (are we the antipodes if you are in the US and not in the UK - you know that opposite line - well we are the antipodes to someone out there - lol!)

But I digress,  June is Winter here in Tasmania and I love winter - all snuggly in front of the fire.

Here is another of my stacked A4 sized drawings - I am loving these.

And look what I found the other day - a beautiful white box to house my Tangle stuff.   A beautiful white canvas to tangle all over - now that is going to take some time but be a lot of tangling fun.

And because it is June here is another of my Tangle patterns ... I call this one Raindotty - it reminds me of ripples from rain drops.   I was looking through some of my old tangles (before I heard about zentangles) and I had a really long period of drawing with dots - raindotty evolved and I still use it today.  Enjoy.

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x

ps ... I am working on a little tangle as a giveaway to celebrate my B'day later this month ... I'll post about it when it is done.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Last of May's Tangles

I love getting up early in the morning ... My DH goes to work fairly early so I get up with him and I get a few hours to draw or stitch or do something quiet before the sun comes up.

Yesterday I drew these tangles "falling falling" I like that they look like they are falling off the page.   They are simple tangles done on a 210 x 297mm sheet of 100% Smooth Cotton by Arches (nice paper) and I have used the isocohederon   icosahedron- how many of you use that tool?

This one I have titled "Universal Time" ... I had fun drawing this one.    Sorry about the quality of my photos - the flash was in action because of the time of day I took the photos.  I have yet to master my scanner.

And it has been nice to see all the lovely tangles on Flickr group.

Oh and in answer to a comment from Mimi that I must use a lot of ink ... I have about five 01 pigma pens ... none have run out yet and one is still fairly new ... so I think the pens go a long long way.  I also have one 08 Pigma pen which I use to "colour" some of the bigger black areas.

Happy Tangling for now and thanks to those who have left comments  - it is lovely to see who visits and I can then visit them in return  .... Jane x