Thursday, 3 June 2010

June - My Happy Birthday Month - Yay!

It's June - Winter is here in the antipodes (are we the antipodes if you are in the US and not in the UK - you know that opposite line - well we are the antipodes to someone out there - lol!)

But I digress,  June is Winter here in Tasmania and I love winter - all snuggly in front of the fire.

Here is another of my stacked A4 sized drawings - I am loving these.

And look what I found the other day - a beautiful white box to house my Tangle stuff.   A beautiful white canvas to tangle all over - now that is going to take some time but be a lot of tangling fun.

And because it is June here is another of my Tangle patterns ... I call this one Raindotty - it reminds me of ripples from rain drops.   I was looking through some of my old tangles (before I heard about zentangles) and I had a really long period of drawing with dots - raindotty evolved and I still use it today.  Enjoy.

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x

ps ... I am working on a little tangle as a giveaway to celebrate my B'day later this month ... I'll post about it when it is done.


  1. I love your Raindotty pattern - thanks for posting it!!

  2. Hi Jane, Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing Raindotty, it will reach sooner or later.

    It's my Birthday this month too, so I'll celebrate all month with you. Can't resist any reason for a good time, and birthdays are the best.

    Cheers! Linda

    PS - it's 87 degrees here in Florida - not quite snuggly fire weather. Well, maybe forest fires...

  3. It is a terrible pattern...
    For villains!
    I love it!
    Also...June birthdays all the way!