Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Last of May's Tangles

I love getting up early in the morning ... My DH goes to work fairly early so I get up with him and I get a few hours to draw or stitch or do something quiet before the sun comes up.

Yesterday I drew these tangles "falling falling" I like that they look like they are falling off the page.   They are simple tangles done on a 210 x 297mm sheet of 100% Smooth Cotton by Arches (nice paper) and I have used the isocohederon   icosahedron- how many of you use that tool?

This one I have titled "Universal Time" ... I had fun drawing this one.    Sorry about the quality of my photos - the flash was in action because of the time of day I took the photos.  I have yet to master my scanner.

And it has been nice to see all the lovely tangles on Flickr group.

Oh and in answer to a comment from Mimi that I must use a lot of ink ... I have about five 01 pigma pens ... none have run out yet and one is still fairly new ... so I think the pens go a long long way.  I also have one 08 Pigma pen which I use to "colour" some of the bigger black areas.

Happy Tangling for now and thanks to those who have left comments  - it is lovely to see who visits and I can then visit them in return  .... Jane x


  1. Delightful, you have a fabulous imagination!

  2. Your work is wonderful! This is the first time I have visited your blog. I have used the icosahedron! Sometimes when I don't want to think about my patterns, I use it. It's fun seeing what happens--truly unexpected results. I just completed the Spring CZT training. You'll love it! Hope you make it in October.