Saturday, 31 July 2010

Jane's new Zentangle Patterns

A tangle for Shelley - you can make one for Shelley and send it to her for wellness wishes - see this blog post from Beez in the Belfry

And now ... I know some of you have been waiting patiently for my new patterns ... below you will find six of my new patterns ... I hope you like them.

An A5 sized zentangle using a variation of my new pattern ... see below.

Okay ... Jane's new pattern "Loave It"  (although I'm not sure about the name - I love the tangle).

Jane's new pattern "Fern" - make them any size, shape etc to fit.

Same with this pattern - "Amaze"  - any shape any combination of mazes.

Jane's new pattern "Scrolls"  ... these remind me of chelsea bun scrolls ... love the freeform of these.

Jane's new pattern "Connector"

And last but not least, Jane's new pattern "Click Clack" .... I really love this one, especially the variation number 2 - you get a whole new dimension to the pattern.

I hope you enjoy these zentangle patterns.  Leave a comment to let me know you have been, and send me a picture of your tangles using these patterns.

Happy Tangling for now....Jane x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

New Zentangle Patterns

Over the past few evenings I have been coming up with some new patterns.   If you look closely you should find  six of my new patterns in this Tangled Zentangle.   I will draw up the steps over the next few evenings and post them here.

Zentangle is coming to Tasmania ... if you would like to learn how to draw Zentangles, I will be having more beginners classes soon, so contact me here.

Happy tangling for now ... Jane

Friday, 23 July 2010

Curley Tangles!

I've been playing around with curley bits ... I just love how Maria (from Zentangle) uses them.  There is a bit of a calligrapher in me I'm sure!

This one has a new pattern for me in it ... See on the right hand side at the bottom ... "Fern".   Oh I can see so many applications for them in my tangles.

Another Maria inspired Zentangle ... over at Zentangle they have been showing what Maria has been doing with border ideas ... lovely.  Go over and check it out!

And I couldn't resist showing you this ... beautiful little Jet - loves a box and will squeeze into anything he thinks he can fit ... although his favourite toy is not ever very far behind.

It has been a funny old week this week - cold weather here in Tasmania and I have been working in my quilt room, so only doing a bit of tangling when I can in the early mornings.    Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Tangling .... Jane x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A weekend of tangles

I spent the day yesterday at my Mum's place - I did draw this little tangle while I was there ... my mother likes them so I gave her this .... it suits her I think because of the Queens Crown ... her nickname is Queenie ... she loved it.

I have also been doing a few more tangle cards ... early morning and evenings are a good time for me to sit and relax with my pen and paper.

So that's it for a weekend of tangling .... although there is tonight still - and there is no Dr Who tonight - what a shame - I do like the Doctor!

Happy tangling for now .... Jane x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

I am still working on my large Tangle ... It is evolving slowly and includes some colour with Pigma coloured pens - I am liking them a lot.

ED NOTE:  Initially when I started this tangle I wanted to use all my own designs, however, there are some of Zentangles that I just love too much.   So far there are 8 of my own in this set ... with more to be included.

This is a little card I made as a small thankyou for Sara-Jane (see my little story below).

I used a very textured paper card and I love how the pencil shading has highlighted the textured bits. click for a closer look.

Photo shoot for my card - lol!

And anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a boot fetish.   My husband is just as bad as I am.  We went for a drive on Sunday and wore our RMWilliams Pony Print Boots - yes he has a pair too!  Our Christmas present to each other in 2008.  We dropped in to see Sara-Jane from COOPERS of CAMPBELLTOWN - the local RMWilliam Agent - lots of luscious boots and stuff.

Sara-Jane is a great saleswoman, patient, helpful and nothing is too much trouble.   You can see that she has a pair of pony print boots as well - so we got a picture.    They are very Zentangle-ish I think!  I have also added a pony print style duffle bag to my collection ... no pic though.

Happy Tangling for now....Jane x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

An Old Ensemble & Live Tangles

A gift ensemble for my sister.

Look at this lizard ... I was looking at my photos from our trip across the Nhullabor in March this year and remembered how fast this little fellow was.   Look at the patterns on his back - wonderful aren't they.

Click on the picture to get a closer look.

Happy Tangling for now .... Jane x

Monday, 5 July 2010

New Patterns and My Fabric Ensemble

A couple of weeks ago I started doing this fabric zentangle ensemble - you will see that it is one of the Zentangle official ensembles - I have just stitched it into fabric with stabiliser, then drawn on the fabric with my Micron pen 01 - using a lot of my own patterns.   The poor little tile on the bottom right hand corner is what NOT to do with an iron - way too hot and I didn't test it first.  So I have to re-do this one. 

Oh and check out the Zentangle blog ... they have posted Molly's Ensemble .... beautiful!

This is one of the tiles with satin stitch around the edge.  I have made these tiles 4.5 inch square and they make really nice coffee cup coasters ... I have been making a few of these for my Mum - but with coffee motifs on them.   I will seal the fabric with fabric medium, although I think the Pigma pen will be permanent.

 Now for some new patterns of mine ... I am not sure what to call this one ... still thinking of a name - any suggestions?

This is "Stackz"

A variation of Stacks

And "DOMINOS"   I just love Dominos and thought this was a great tangle pattern.  I have used it in my ensemble at the top but have put cross hatching behind the dominos for a different look.   And those curley bits on the right of this tile ... I guess someone has done those before ...maybe.

Okay that's it for today ... I am still working on my A3 piece - slowly I might add.

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane xxx

Thursday, 1 July 2010

CZT October

Well it is official - I am enrolled in CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) October training session in Whittinsville Massachusetts USA - I am still pinching myself that I am actually going.   Well have to wait for the passport office to send me my passport and finalise my flight details - but I am going.

The funny thing is that I always wanted to go to the big Quilt Market in Houston - and thought I might go this year or next - but CZT has won out over quilting at the moment - and I really can't justify staying in the USA for three weeks until quilt market at the end of October - I wish I could though.  My family would miss me, I would miss them, and I would not be earning any money - so can't do it!   But next year .... I think I might, I think I will be going to Quilt Market.    It has been 21 years since I have travelled overseas - the last time was when I spent a very good part of 1989 travelling through Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Brussels, Denmark, Swizterland, and worked for three wonderful months in London, England  - whew, remember it like it was yesterday.   

Anyway better get off the  computer and get on with the day ... I have a few things on the go nearly ready for posting to show you all -  fabric zentangles and some new patterns.

Happy Tangling