Thursday, 15 July 2010

I am still working on my large Tangle ... It is evolving slowly and includes some colour with Pigma coloured pens - I am liking them a lot.

ED NOTE:  Initially when I started this tangle I wanted to use all my own designs, however, there are some of Zentangles that I just love too much.   So far there are 8 of my own in this set ... with more to be included.

This is a little card I made as a small thankyou for Sara-Jane (see my little story below).

I used a very textured paper card and I love how the pencil shading has highlighted the textured bits. click for a closer look.

Photo shoot for my card - lol!

And anyone who knows me, knows that I have a bit of a boot fetish.   My husband is just as bad as I am.  We went for a drive on Sunday and wore our RMWilliams Pony Print Boots - yes he has a pair too!  Our Christmas present to each other in 2008.  We dropped in to see Sara-Jane from COOPERS of CAMPBELLTOWN - the local RMWilliam Agent - lots of luscious boots and stuff.

Sara-Jane is a great saleswoman, patient, helpful and nothing is too much trouble.   You can see that she has a pair of pony print boots as well - so we got a picture.    They are very Zentangle-ish I think!  I have also added a pony print style duffle bag to my collection ... no pic though.

Happy Tangling for now....Jane x


  1. Love your big Tangle - several I don't recognize. I may have to print it out so I can study those. Or maybe I'll wait until you have it finished. ;)

  2. May I use a few of your designs for a art project?