Sunday, 18 July 2010

A weekend of tangles

I spent the day yesterday at my Mum's place - I did draw this little tangle while I was there ... my mother likes them so I gave her this .... it suits her I think because of the Queens Crown ... her nickname is Queenie ... she loved it.

I have also been doing a few more tangle cards ... early morning and evenings are a good time for me to sit and relax with my pen and paper.

So that's it for a weekend of tangling .... although there is tonight still - and there is no Dr Who tonight - what a shame - I do like the Doctor!

Happy tangling for now .... Jane x


  1. Your tangles are wonderful. So many different patterns.

  2. Your tangles are beautiful. So many different patterns.

  3. Jane, I'm really taken with these lovely tangles you have created...I may just have to pay you a visit one day after you've done your course in the states...recon I wouldn't mind having a go at drawing again...these little darlings look like they could get very

  4. Very very addictive Raylene, and yes - come play!