Saturday, 31 July 2010

Jane's new Zentangle Patterns

A tangle for Shelley - you can make one for Shelley and send it to her for wellness wishes - see this blog post from Beez in the Belfry

And now ... I know some of you have been waiting patiently for my new patterns ... below you will find six of my new patterns ... I hope you like them.

An A5 sized zentangle using a variation of my new pattern ... see below.

Okay ... Jane's new pattern "Loave It"  (although I'm not sure about the name - I love the tangle).

Jane's new pattern "Fern" - make them any size, shape etc to fit.

Same with this pattern - "Amaze"  - any shape any combination of mazes.

Jane's new pattern "Scrolls"  ... these remind me of chelsea bun scrolls ... love the freeform of these.

Jane's new pattern "Connector"

And last but not least, Jane's new pattern "Click Clack" .... I really love this one, especially the variation number 2 - you get a whole new dimension to the pattern.

I hope you enjoy these zentangle patterns.  Leave a comment to let me know you have been, and send me a picture of your tangles using these patterns.

Happy Tangling for now....Jane x


  1. What a wonderful collection of new patterns - thank you for posting them! I really like them all, but I think Amaze is my favorite - or maybe Fern.

  2. Nice to see you creating new patterns, Jane! They're on my list to add to How's winter "down there"? - It's 92 humid degrees here today, ugh.
    Cheers, Linda

  3. Gabriel Productions4 August 2010 at 07:52

    I love the "loave" pattern and love your rendition of it. Mine is not yet "even" enough so it doesn't have the appeal of yours but I am baking away.

  4. Baking away - that did make me laugh...but really it took me a little while to get those little loaves even - almost the shape of a grain of rice, try that thought and see if it works for you better than a loaf. If you visualise the grain of rice, it should make it easier for you to draw the line consistently ... in theory anyway - lol! Happy tangling for now Jane x

  5. Pamela McGifford5 December 2010 at 15:52

    Thank you so much for an amazing day. For such a 'not even novice' to produce amazing art & free hand quilting with so little effort when I had no experience was wonderful! Thank you!

  6. Hi, dropped by to visit your site. Like the work you do, I am no where near that good, but can't afford to take a CZT class from someone in Colorado, let alone Australia, although I'd like to take a class from you in Australia. Never left the country, anxious to do so. Anyway, I do the best I can and try to tangle every day and practice. I am finding tangles in almost everything I look at lately, trees, Xmas lights, water, especially when you swirl around and look at them. I'm a kook. bye for now.

    Dayle Mathis

  7. Wonderful work!

    Just FYI, the name Amaze is already associated with a tangle that Rick and Maria have in the handbook given to CZTs. It seems also to be known as Stiritup (not sure how that happened!)

    Loave It is nice, simple too. I really like ClickClack and Fern and Scrolls.

    Your Connector is almost the same as Carole Ohl's Tink. See it here:


  8. Hi Margaret ... thanks for that ... Carole came out with her Tink much later than my Connector ... so I decided to not worry about it as I "published" mine first. I did note the Amaze ... so could change that but it really isn't much of a pattern and my Loave it pattern ... someone came out with something just like it a few months ago ... so it happens all the time - we are all influenced by the same things I guess.

  9. Love your patterns. You are a brilliant artist. Thanks for sharing!