Monday, 5 July 2010

New Patterns and My Fabric Ensemble

A couple of weeks ago I started doing this fabric zentangle ensemble - you will see that it is one of the Zentangle official ensembles - I have just stitched it into fabric with stabiliser, then drawn on the fabric with my Micron pen 01 - using a lot of my own patterns.   The poor little tile on the bottom right hand corner is what NOT to do with an iron - way too hot and I didn't test it first.  So I have to re-do this one. 

Oh and check out the Zentangle blog ... they have posted Molly's Ensemble .... beautiful!

This is one of the tiles with satin stitch around the edge.  I have made these tiles 4.5 inch square and they make really nice coffee cup coasters ... I have been making a few of these for my Mum - but with coffee motifs on them.   I will seal the fabric with fabric medium, although I think the Pigma pen will be permanent.

 Now for some new patterns of mine ... I am not sure what to call this one ... still thinking of a name - any suggestions?

This is "Stackz"

A variation of Stacks

And "DOMINOS"   I just love Dominos and thought this was a great tangle pattern.  I have used it in my ensemble at the top but have put cross hatching behind the dominos for a different look.   And those curley bits on the right of this tile ... I guess someone has done those before ...maybe.

Okay that's it for today ... I am still working on my A3 piece - slowly I might add.

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane xxx


  1. Your patterns are wonderful Jane.

  2. Thanks Joan - I often visit your lovely blog - love your drawings too and your beautiful photos of NZ ... very relaxing. I must visit NZ one day.

  3. Margaret, northern Alberta, Canada5 July 2010 at 22:15

    I think the top one looks a bit like a cut open kiwi "kiwi" perhaps? Although that has another meaning down under!

  4. Hi Margaret - yes it does sort of look like a Kiwi fruit ... and that is what we call people from New Zealand - Kiwis. I love the way the word sounds.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog ... I wonder what other names people come up with

  5. A beautiful the fabric. Looking forward to meeting you in October. maria (&rick)

  6. I think your unnamed tangle looks a little bit like a meringue pie, so I think Meringue would be a lovely name.

    These are fantastic patterns!

  7. LOL I must be hungry - I think it looks like what you would see if you looked down on the top of a meringue cookie - either that or one of those striped puffy mints

  8. Love the Domino Pattern !

  9. Love your work
    Monique from the Netherlands

  10. hi jane! i found your flower pattern here on pinterest and i like it a lot! i have already been doing something similar, but i like yours better. i'd like to teach it to my homeschool group. did you decide a name for it? thank you :) alice hendon (
    i'll put a note on facebook, too.

  11. Just checking to see if you ever decided on a name for your unnamed tangle pattern.

  12. Love these, Jane. I live in Kingston, just south of Hobart, and apparently our only local CZT is not giving lessons. Are you planning on coming to Hobart to do any in the near future, please, because I dearly would love to learn how to do Zentangle, and the only alternative would be to teach myself? As it is I can only do it if I make my own Zentangle cards because I cannot afford to buy any of the official ones.

  13. Just thought of a name for your unnamed tangle above - what about "Blue Gum"?