Tuesday, 28 September 2010

More Zentangle To Fabric & Baby Tangles

 Fancy a Fabric Cover for your Moleskin Journal??  Yes I do and I made one or two for fun.  This is a combination of the three things I love to do ... draw, quilt and make journal covers ... I am in heaven.

Making these type of things is really good practise for your machine quilting skills and the best rule for getting better is to draw, draw and draw some more.

I will leave you to look through the photo heavy post ... enjoy more of my fabric zentangles and my baby zentangle bookmarks.   Only 3 more days until I am at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide teaching "Do The Zentangle" ... there are a few more spaces available in my Friday and Saturday classes and you can register on the day now.  See you all in sunny Adelaide!   Enjoy browsing ... Jane x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Zentangle to Fabric

You may be interested in seeing these little Zentangle Quilts I have made for my class samples at the AMQF in Adelaide on the 1-4 October 2010 - not long to go now.

The quilting I have used in these are all Zentangle patterns that I use in my drawing.   I love the "organic" feel to these little quilts and I think they would make fantastic placemats if you could bear to use them for that.   These ones are a little small though at 8x8inches.

More ....

One of the difficult things about this is how to replicate your drawings onto fabric ... working out how to do a continuous line and make it look good.

This one is bigger 12 x 12 inches and you can see I have used the colour of the threads differently here.

So if this is tempting ... think about coming to do my class at the AMQF in Adelaide.  There are a lot of classes on offer from other teachers as well and it is for both Longarm and domestic machine quilters.

Cheers for now .... Jane

Friday, 17 September 2010

Do The Zentangle at Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide

This is just some of what I have been up to  ... I can't show you the whole thing because it is for my class at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide - only 15 days to go - I can't believe I will be there so soon.

If you are going to Adelaide between the 1 and 4 October make sure you head on over to Mawson Lakes and visit the show - it is for all quilters and will have a wondeful display of Machine Quilted Quilts - this part of the exhibition is by the Australian Machine Quilters Association.

I can tell you a bit about my class though.   It is called "Do the Zentangle" - I know I could have come up with a different name, but this is kinda cute - yes?

If you have always wanted to learn how to draw Zentangles, then I can show you how.  But I am a longarm machine quilter and I wanted to bring the two together... I have made fabric journal covers with Zentangles, fabric coasters and boxes with Zentangles, and I thought what do machine quilters do?   Machine quilters make patterns on fabric with thread ... so I played around with the patterns as background fillers, I also used some well known background fillers as Zentangles so it works both ways.    You will remember my green table runner a few posts back ... this was quilted with Zentangle patterns.    The portrait I am making here will be quilted with Zentangle patterns and I have also made some of  these above ... just to show you how it can be done with thread.

If you want to know more on how you can incorporate this style into your quilting ... come and do one of my classes ... there are two on offer at the AMQF ... one on Friday afternoon and the other on Saturday morning.   It will be fun!   You will learn something I'm sure!  You will go home with the knowledge that YOU CAN DRAW!  I love shouting that as much as I love exclamation markes! lol!

Now back to serious matters ... the obligatory kitty picture ... this is Jet this morning being a layabout catching the morning sun. A very handsome cat to be sure!

And a sneaky peek at my other little burning project ... don't you just love how the darker piece of fabric underneath the leaves gives depth and dimension ...  Anyway the sun is out and I have washing to hang out this morning then getting back to work in the Quilt room here.

Happy quilting for now .. Hope to see some of you in Adelaide ... Jane x

Monday, 13 September 2010

More Baby Zentangles and a favourite

I love these two patterns ... I saw them on the video that Suzanne McNeil did at the Zentangle Masterclass - you can see it here at Zentangle blog.

Quite a few of the participants showed their own patterns - aren't these two beautiful and they go together so well ... a very asian feel to it I think.

This little guy reminds me of Pac Man - remember him?    Or a clam shell.

Here are some of the Baby Zentangles I have been creating since my last posting.   I do love them ... how will I ever part with them - lol!

 Only 30 days now and I will be sitting in front of Rick and Maria at the home of Zentangle in Massachusetts - very exciting.

But only 19 days and I will be standing in front of a classroom teaching at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide 1-4 October 2010 - that is too very exciting.

Happy Zentangling for now ...  Jane x

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Baby Zentangles

I have been making baby zentangles - well bookmarks to be exact.  I wanted to have some sample zentangles that can be handed around to see and also to be gifted to people.  I think they are adorable!  28 down a million to go - lol!

These baby zentangles started a while ago when I made a very small tangle on a 3.5 x 3.5 card - I just loved the look of them.  So while I have to make a few really big zentangle examples, I love making these little ones.  I hope you enjoy them too!

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x
Teaching the Art of Zentangle in Adelaide 1-4 October 2010 at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Back to the beginning of my zentangle journey

Another little Zentangle ... isn't it funny how you go back to the patterns you used in the beginning, just for something different!

Hope everyone is out there doing the Zentangle!

Jane x

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I Zentangled

Would you believe it has taken me a week to finish off this zentangle .... as I am now in the lead up to going away, I am busy busy busy with no time to play!

And today is the first day of Spring, a nice cool wet day down here in Tasmania.
Enjoy your week and happy Tangling .... Jane x