Monday 13 September 2010

More Baby Zentangles and a favourite

I love these two patterns ... I saw them on the video that Suzanne McNeil did at the Zentangle Masterclass - you can see it here at Zentangle blog.

Quite a few of the participants showed their own patterns - aren't these two beautiful and they go together so well ... a very asian feel to it I think.

This little guy reminds me of Pac Man - remember him?    Or a clam shell.

Here are some of the Baby Zentangles I have been creating since my last posting.   I do love them ... how will I ever part with them - lol!

 Only 30 days now and I will be sitting in front of Rick and Maria at the home of Zentangle in Massachusetts - very exciting.

But only 19 days and I will be standing in front of a classroom teaching at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide 1-4 October 2010 - that is too very exciting.

Happy Zentangling for now ...  Jane x


  1. I love your pac man or clamshell or seed pod. it has great personality.

  2. how big are your babies Jane?

  3. Hi Helen ... they are 1.5inches square or thereabouts