Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Zentangle Tile Book Giveaway (Now Closed 1.11.2011)

 Last night I made this little book using a whole pack of pre-strung Zentangle tiles and a couple of blank tiles as the book inside covers.   I have also added a few blank tiles to the back.

The best thing about this "book" is that you can take the tiles out and change them around as the clips open.

 I used a nice sheet of velum for the covers.

I only had blue clips to secure the book ... but they don't look too bad.   They could be changed for ribbon or braid.
The book open.

Leave a post and tell me why you would like to own this book ...

I will announce a winner (at my discretion) on Tuesday 1st of November before 8am my time in Tasmania Australia.

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x

Monday, 24 October 2011

A New Tangle Pattern - "Strata"

You may have noticed this new tangle pattern in a few of my tangles over the past months.   I thought I would share the steps with you.  Basically you draw shapes and connect them with straight lines, I like to use multiples of three going every which way.  If you look at my last post in the bottom left hand corner you can see this pattern and how I have used it.  Also the post before that, in the second photo - I have used Strata as the background for the Zentangle pattern Hollibaugh.   It reminds me of the, well, Strata of the earth.

I hope you enjoy it and show me some tangles that you create using this pattern.    Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

New Tangle with a different string

 This is an A4 sized tangle - letter size for you Americans.
I wanted to do a tangle using my name as the string, so with my pencil I drew Jane on the landscape plane and Monk on the portrait plane.  You can just about see it now the tangle is finished.   I had fun doing this one.  
You can see here it is done in ink but not yet shaded.
This one is shaded ... I just love the magic that shading gives a drawing. 

Have a go at using your own name as a tangle.   This would also make a great gift, using the recipient's name - very cool I think!

Hope you all have a wonderful week tangling!  Jane x

Friday, 21 October 2011

A little more done

 I have done a little more of my latest large picture.   Those circles are taking hours to do ... but are quite relaxing and enjoyable.
This is a tangle that I completed in my journal recently.   My journal is nearly full and I will be starting another Moleskein journal soon.    This was the journal I took with me to Zentangle CZT#4 in October 2010 - seems so long ago and it has been an eventful journey so far.

Happy tangling everyone ... Jane x

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Welcome New CZT's

I would like to congratulate all the new CZT's that have just completed training with Rick & Maria (Zentangle) in Providence last week.  There was even Michelle from my own home town here in Tasmania - so a big Congratulations to her also.   It brings back great memories of my time over there last year.  If you want to see more check out this posting from Zentangle

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Work in progress.

Zentangle inspired art ... work in progress - this is a quarter of the page and so far has taken around 20 hours.  I am using a Sakura Pigma Micron 005 pen on Archers hot pressed smooth watercolour paper.  10 x 17 inches.

I think I'm going to call this one "Connections"

Monday, 10 October 2011

Zentangle Inspired Quilting ... on DVD

 Last week I was here ...
 Yes ... at the Wiggles Hot Potato Studios in Sydney
 With this lovely lady
Clare Mooney - Editor of Quilters Companion.  (The one on the right is me ... hmmm I do look different with short hair, makeup etc etc!)
 In this room
 Using this wonderful brand spanking new top of the range Janome Horizon Memory  Craft 12000 - only being released this year. Nice.
 Showing you all a little bit of how I do things in a Zentangle way on a sewing machine with thread and fabric.  Those small stitched tangles on this quilt were done on my domestic sewing machine - they are the size of a traditional tangle tile - 3.5 x 3.5inches.
 There will be a project for you to do as well ... this is the "alternate" colourway.
 This is one of the blocks ... look familiar to you?
And then these lovely guys took lots of film of my very own quilts that I got together to take with me.  I needed four at least - only finished that stripy one on Monday last week!

So there you have it ... in January 2012 you will be able to buy a DVD showing how to do a little bit of Zentangle drawing, and a whole heap of my Zentangle inspired Quilting.  I'll keep you posted of the release date.   Initially the release will be with Issue 53 of Quilters Companion and the DVD will accompany that issue with the project that is in it.    I will also have a number of copies for sale.

It has been a very busy month or so getting ready for this DVD shoot.  I was nervous and it might show on film, I missed a few things that I wanted to say but they all were very nice and told me that I did well - only had to do one re-take!  It was a lot of fun to work with all these people and I learnt a whole lot of new interesting stuff!    So I am going to be a little quiet on the blog front for awhile as I catch up on some customer quilting that I need to get done asap.    Happy tangling ... Jane x   PS... I know I don't have to remind you that all of these images are my copyright - so please do not repost or copy them - I worked hard to design my quilts and pattern work.  thanx.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Toucan - Coloured Pencil Painting

My Toucan is finished ... I have used Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper and Polychromos coloured pencils.   I am pretty happy with it and my feather work is getting better, although I didn't quite achieve the nice curve of his shoulder.     Anyway this is just a quick post ... have some tangly news for you all next week.  Cheers for now ... Jane x  

Edit to add:  The correct name for this bird is a Keel Billed Toucan ... I used Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils on Fabriano Artistico Hot Pressed Extra White Watercolour Paper - 300gsm.

Once again my photo reference was taken by Tambako

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Almost forgot about my girl's photo

This was my girl "Shadow" on the weekend ... happily sharing our son's bed ... mainly because the boy cats were on my bed!

 Next week I will have a fabric feast for you all ... a reveal of one of my Zentangle inspired projects.

See you all then ... happy Tangling for now.  Jane x

Monday, 3 October 2011

This is the Life!

 Jet - basking in the sun on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning!
Merlin - always on the edge.

My boys are three years old this month and are still very playful like kittens when they are not being totally lazy!