Monday, 24 October 2011

A New Tangle Pattern - "Strata"

You may have noticed this new tangle pattern in a few of my tangles over the past months.   I thought I would share the steps with you.  Basically you draw shapes and connect them with straight lines, I like to use multiples of three going every which way.  If you look at my last post in the bottom left hand corner you can see this pattern and how I have used it.  Also the post before that, in the second photo - I have used Strata as the background for the Zentangle pattern Hollibaugh.   It reminds me of the, well, Strata of the earth.

I hope you enjoy it and show me some tangles that you create using this pattern.    Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. I really like it. Thanks for sharing. {:-Deb

  2. Love your website and thanks for the 'how to' very clever.