Industry Arts
Location Tasmania, Australia
Introduction I am a Longarm Machine Quilter and a Certified Zentangle Teacher, who happens to love to create, whether that is with fabric, ink, pencils, beads, embroidery - you name it - I've probably had a go at it. I also recently became addicted to fibre and spinning wheels.
Interests Creating and bringing ideas to life is what I love to do and helping others bring out their creative being. I love to draw, quilt, listen to music and sing (my husband tolerates this well). I always have some project on the go but quilting has captured my heart since I first noticed. In 2002 I made my very first quilt - a single bed sized double irish chain in 30's style fabrics. I love this quilt which is hand quilted ... but is very "underquilted". I now love to quilt my own things to death.


  1. Lets see if i can leave a comment here. I was trying to post a comment in the mobile version before but the added 'bot check' was not accepting anything i typed in. I just found your site through a pinterest link and it was a couple years old. I hit your 'home' to see if your site was still active and was thrilled to see it is. Then i saw your post a few down about lots of visitors and little to no comments and i wanted to let you know about the posting problem (assuming i can get this one through). I will be signing up with your newsletter, know too that it doesnt show up via mobile either as it was one of the first things i looked for after seeing you were actively publishing content.

  2. Are you still posting? It appears you last post was weeks ago. Is everything ok?

  3. Yes I am still posting ... Just having a little breather .... You can also see my other blog www.onetangle.blogspot.com. Where I post a tangled drawing every day pretty much.

  4. Jane, your Long Arm web page doesn't seem to be working. I am updating the SCQ list of Professional Quilters and the link seems to be broken, Are you still doing your Long arm Quilting?

    1. Sharon, sorry I didn't see you message ... Yes I am most definitely still quilting :)

  5. I can't find where to sign up for your mailing list.
    Rhonda Jenkins Moffitt