Monday, 24 May 2010

Tangles and Zendalas

Okay I have been busy ... but I have been Tangling - so here are some of my tangles for you to see ...

This is my first Zendala and I am quite happy with it - the pic doesn't really show the shading very well but still nice I think.

This is a shot of the Tangles I have done in the past few weeks.

I have gone small ... I really enjoy doing these really small tangles - I can do one before I put my head on my pillow to go to sleep at night ... dreaming of tangles and such like.

This simple one is one of my favourites.

In this one I have drawn a new pattern based on a close up of woolen fibres  - it is on the left hand side - I'm not sure what to call it ... but I'll draw out the steps and post them here this week.

I do like geometric and can't help going back to it time after time - must be the left brain working!

And last pic for today ... a mixture.

I'll be off now ... got to get some quilting work done this week and then we have the Biggest Morning Tea on Thursday ... what a great day - hope we raise some serious money for that.

Happy Tangling ... Jane x

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