Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tangle with Crayons & Zest It Pencil Blend

 My finished piece.
 I used Caran de'Ache watersoluable painting crayons and laid down three areas of colour - very lightly.
 I then used the Zest It Pencil Blend on the wide part of a blending stump and blended the individual areas - starting with the lighter yellow first.  Unfortunately my photos do not show the real picture - the blending was quite smooth to look at in person.
 I then drew some of my favourite tangle patterns, including one of my own - "Wiggle" (making it's debut here)
 I then added "bubbles" with my Prismacolor Verithin pencils - I love these as they keep a really nice fine point when sharpened.
 I then coloured in more of the actual tangle patterns  and the finished Tangle is at the very top of this posting .... this took me tops 15 minutes to do and I loved the colour play.  
 I thought I would do a quick visual guide for some of my pencils and how they work with the Zest It.

This one is my General's Sketch & Wash graphite pencil ... I first laid down a very quick graduated area of graphite, then used the Zest It Pencil Blend on the bottom half - the water soluable graphite has some really really good possibilities when shading some of my larger, more complex drawings.
You can see here I have done the same as the graphite but have used some of my colour pencils and crayons.   Click on the image to get a better view.

Now I have worked out how to do quick little videos ... I will work on one over this next weekend on blending with pencils and Zest It.  I can't wait to have an interrupted day of playing with my pens and pencils.

I hope you have enjoyed this rather long post ... see you next week with another video.

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x

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  1. Beautiful - but I'll have to look up this Zest It; never heard of it before....