Sunday, 22 August 2010

Do The Zentangle - Quilting with Zentangle

Zentangle Meets Quilting .... I have quilted a table runner with Zentangle patterns so you can see a small pre-view of my class at AMQF in Adelaide.  So if you are interested in taking my class ... visit the AMQF site and book your class. 

A corner ... the borders were quilted using the Paradox pattern.

These are some of my zentangle patterns ... very simple ones.

Leaves and swirls, paradox and more

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures ... this quilt was quilted using a green thread in keeping with the theme of the quilt (I called it Spearmint Twist).   You could use different coloured threads to get a more noticeable effect.

So ... go on over to the AMQF website to book into my class in Adelaide - October 2010.

Happy Tangling for now...Jane x


  1. Not sure what led me here, fate perhaps. I am a quilter and have experimented with fm on my dm. I'm dissapointed with my rough jaggedy look, but I think it's improving so I press on. Practicing is the key, right? That's what I keep reading. No classes available where I live so I rely on the Internet folks. Your zentangle quilted pieces are fabulous. Any advice for a beginner? I have sent u a friend request on fb. Here is my blog address. I haven't blogged for a while, but will get back to it. My blog started as a way to show my mom what I'm up to so it is less than professional, so don't get your hopes up. Nothing fancy, thanks for sharing on the web.

  2. This is FABULOUS! However it is a long long long way from Brunswick Maine to Legana Australia. Although I would love to make the journey, it is not possible for many reasons. Therefore, what would you recommend for a housebound person who wants to learn about this as a way to quilt.
    Wishing you JOY on your journey,

  3. So did you quilt the zentangle designs into the quilt, or is it in the piecing? I too am a quilter & tangle drawer & have thought about incorporating zentangles into quilts, but have yet to figure it out.