Thursday, 19 August 2010

Inspired by Zentangle Masterclass

 I have been reading with interest the Zentangle blog and the recent Masterclass that was held in Newport.   Oh my goodness - how I wish I had been there.  Well ... I wasn't but I have spent a little time making my own Illuminated Letter (M for Monk of course)

What do you think?   I used watercolour for the colouring and i really like how it looks.
 Now it looks even more different with tangles using the Sepia pen.
And some more added zentangles ... it still has a way to go yet...but while I am having some very off days ... this keeps me going.

This is a little zentangle that I completed the other night ... very 3D ... and can you see "Bronx Cheer" where I stuffed up thougt it would look nice! LOL!

Happy tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. Jane, i too trawled through every word and picture of the masterclass - took me back to my calligraphy days, will have to find all my books and calligraphy pens as now i have so many MORE ideas... oh time please....

  2. Abstolutely amazing...and inspiring.

  3. I love your illuminated M. You would have made a wonderful illustrator of vellum manuscripts in the Middle Ages.

  4. Hi Jane... Your illuminated letter looks great! I too was inspired by the wonderful photos from the Master Class. I made a smaller version of the large Zentangle they drew on coloured paper:
    I really enjoyed this, I'm definitely going to make some more.

  5. This is beautiful! I haven't researched your whole blog yet - I just found this - so I may answer my own question before this gets to you.

    I am making a graphic to use to promote a series of messages at my church called Masterpiece. Would you give me permission to use this image in my piece? I would not be selling anything with the image on it, and we would use it for only the next few weeks internally in our church. If you have any other questions, please contact me at

    Thank you so much!