Sunday, 29 August 2010

Only 4.5 weeks to AMQF Classes

It is 4.5 weeks until I teach at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival in Adelaide 1-4October.   They have opened up another class on  Friday so those who wanted to come to my class but had a clash with other classes on Saturday - you can now book for Friday. 

I think Registration closes on 17 September - so get Registered if you are going!  I'd love to see you there.

Now this beautiful envelope in the picture here was sent to me from none other than Maria Thomas of Zentangle - isn't it beautiful.  Maria is a professional calligrapher - what a wonderful way to have a letter addressed to me!  Only 5.5weeks and I am off to the home of Zentangle in Massachusetts USA  to do a class with Maria and Rick - very very excited - can you see me doing the happy dance - lol!  And just because I could, I counted the number of planes I will be on in October - 11 - yes 11 different planes - you know the biggest bit about flying that I hate - the ups and downs - OMGoodness i have to do that 11 different times - I am a big baby when it comes to travelling on my own.

This week has flown past really quickly ... I have been getting my class notes and samples together as well as organising kits with some beautiful paper to draw on.    So I haven't had much time for the actual Art of Zentangle .... this is the sum total of my tangling this week - done while sitting in my car waiting for my son to finish class for the day. 

Next time Gadget, next time I'll do more!

Happy Tangling for now ... Jane x


  1. Hey, this is not fair. You got your letter in Australia before I get mine in Canada? Somebody's postal system is underperforming!

    Maria's calligraphy is so amazing... That envelope is worthy of framing!

    Eleven different planes? That's just crazy!!! Now I'm even more thankful for my direct flight from Toronto to Boston! Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Yikes!!!! 11 planes - ugh not a fan of flying either but the only parts I like are the take offs and landings it's sitting in the tin can in air that gets me - so glad I'm taking the train to MA. Counting the days - see you soon.

  3. Oh ... sorry the 11 planes is two different weekends. First week October I am catching 4 planes and then 4 planes to get to USA and 3 planes to get home - so not as bad as it seems! And can't wait to meet everyone either .. I can see a great week ahead at Zentangle. Hugs Jane

  4. Jane, not to worry, you will have sooooooooooo much time to tangle on those 11 planes......your hand will be sore before you even get here! Looking forward to meeting all our future CZT's. best, Maria