Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Zentangle Pattern - Plaid

Some new drawings for you to enjoy...

I have been inspired by some of Maria's recent zentangles to try this pattern out ... I love it.

 Now this one is not finished ... but it has my new pattern in it "Plaid"   see the steps below...

I hope you can see it okay - I made a mistake and have crossed out the 2nd step at the top - so skip this bit.    Click on the photo to see it closer.

Enjoy "PLAID"


  1. Your plaid is nice, but what I want to know is how did you draw the one just above the plaid, that is one of Maria's Tangles. I love it but can't quite get it. Do you have a link or the how to's on that one?

  2. Beautiful work, Jane! So much fun to try out new patterns.

  3. Melinda I might leave that to Maria to show how to do her tangle. But rest assured, it took me a little while to work it out - and I had my husband's help as he is really good at this sort of thing! Cheers Jane

  4. These are wonderful. I haven't doodled for a while. You make me want to get out my pens!

  5. Jane: Your new drawings are lovely. You have such an airy, open touch. I see you like using b'tweend or whatever the name of Maria's tangle is. I really like it too and use it a lot. Thanks for sharing. Joyce

  6. very nice pattern, I'm going to try it soon (I'm going through your selection of patterns today when I should be valentining it with my hubby...)